Quality in every detail: Compound development

Processing of high quality elastomer compounds is the essential factor in achieving consistent product features. For many years, Bode GmbH has specialized in developing its own formulas for the
most challenging fields of application. “Elastomer Engineering” is the key word which represents the perfect interaction of two factors: years of experience, and pertinent knowledge of current technologies. Accordingly, our elastomer laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art physical and chemical testing instruments – a crucial factor in the development of new compounds and procedures.


A wide range of internationally valid certificates, especially for potable water applications, shows how successful our development activities are. Newer developments include seals for “hot and cold” environments, as well as gas and flue-gas components.

Precision down to the packaging: Production


Top quality is only assured when the highest standards are applied to every detail and every work step. This is especially true for the composition of the individual components. Our compound production line on site guarantees particularly consistent compounds for the subsequent procedures. Throughout the last decades, Bode GmbH has continuously optimized the rubber injection moulding process. We have gained significant know-how in two-component injection moulding. This is a procedure in which rubber is completely replaced by a high-end thermoplastic elastomer and a co-injected plastic part.


Quality check, deflashing, and packaging are carried out directly on our production sites, automatically or manually. Our strict standards regarding quality and costs extend to these fields as well:  every single product is subject to state-of-the-art inspection and control procedures. Bode GmbH’s quality management system, and established support process, guarantee the highest consistence of quality from the initial idea through to the delivery. Our efficient logistics department is extremely flexible and offers best delivery options.